Deckdatum: 11. November 2020

Geburtsdatum: 08. Januar 2021


10 Welpen aus Standardzucht (4 Rüden chocolate / 6 Hündinnen chocolate, 1 Rüde chocolate und 2 Hündinnen chocolate tot geboren,

1 Hündin chocolate am 2. Lebenstag verstorben)

über Erbgang prcd-PRA frei, HNPK, SD2 , CNM frei, bb-EE reinerbig chocolate



Bysterstorff's Cheek to Cheek

HD A2/A2, ED 0/0, LÜW 0

vollzahnig/ Schere, Augen frei 

prcd-PRA frei, CNM frei, EIC Träger, HNPK frei, SD2 frei

bb-EE, Hairlenght k/k, Kardio Grad 0

Formwert V, WeT, BHP A+B, JP/R


Holstep's Out-Top

HD A2/A2, ED 0/0

vollzahnig/ Schere, Augen frei

prcd-PRA, CNM, EIC, SD2, HNPK frei, bb-EE

Formwert V, WeT, JP/R, BLP,VDH/FCI working certificate







Holstep's Out-Top

 Bysterstorff's Cheek to Cheek


Holstep's Happy Sappy

Flavuya Makatto Vuveya

Ch. Coco Loco's Deep Impact

 Juqueen's Cäthe


Ch. Hunting Friend Elixier of Success




Holstep's Race Card

Ch. Mallorn's Capuccino

Antalas Coca Cola




Coco Loco's X-File

Coco Loco's Hot Lips

Lab Treasure's Naughty Thing

 Farbourne's Rum Truffle


Ch. Tjotte's Lover Under Cover

Creole du Bourg d'Enfer

Ch. Mallorn's Capuccino

Real-Person Berbera Grappa

Mallorn's Valentine

Mallorn's Cafe au Lait

Ch. Stenveyz Get Popular

Ch. Stenveyz Taste of Chocolate

Ch. Tjotte's Lover Under Cover

Ch. Mallorn's Storm in a Cup

Rocksteady by Night

Coco Loco's Usual Suspect


Ch. Birchbrook Paddington Bear

Lab Treasure's Back in Business

Flanders Pride Xclusif

 Farbourne's Breaking News









♀ Bysterstorff's Next Topmodel

♀ Bysterstorff's N...

♂ Bysterstorff's Namasté

♀ Bysterstorff's Naughty but nice

♂ Bysterstorff's No shoes no service

♀ Bysterstorff's N...

♂ Bysterstorff's N...

♂ Bysterstorff's Not tumble dry

♀ Bysterstorff's N...

♀ Bysterstorff's Not for sale






Bysterstorff's Next Topmodel

Hündin choco/ Zb.-Nr.: DRC-L 2125391


Bysterstorff's Namasté

Rüde choco/ Zb.-Nr.: DRC-L 2125388


Bysterstorff's Naughty but nice

Hündin choco/ Zb.-Nr.: DRC-L 2125392


Bysterstorff's No shoes no service

Rüde choco/ Zb.-Nr.: DRC-L 2125389


Bysterstorff's Not tumble dry

Rüde choco/ Zb.-Nr.: DRC-L 2125390


Bysterstorff's Not for sale

Hündin choco/ Zb.-Nr.: DRC-L 2125393